Right now I’m sitting here waiting for the short element in the Finnish news on Swedish television, Uutiset.

The introduction of the element is some few archive footage from the winter war in Finland.
After that there is some initial footage of the map and units, some talks about what it is all about.
Mikael then explains the motivations behind the design and creation of the When Finland Fought series of games.
We get a few facts about the average wargamer, he is in general at age 35, started gaming before the age of computer games, is most probably interested in history and in particularly military history.

Then some more vintage footage from the real winter war. And some more discussion about the game, but at this time the sub-titeling has vanished, and since I’m not at all speaking Finnish, this part is kind of lost for me.

But I believe all in all, a good element about the game, and wargaming in general. Lets hope that it results in more interests in our hobby, and some more sold copies for Mikael Grönroos.

The article @ SVT online

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